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Reynaud Rebecca

As a 3D animator artist and Parisian, I always enjoyed walking in Paris, looking at the architecture and the art scene, but I also love the smell of the street, mostly the street art. I have been fascinated with street art for a long time and the fact that the rail roads in Paris suburbs are covered with ink, paintings, letters, colors and even characters, was for me a treat to my eyes when I was taking the train to the city. With my brother we would talk about it the whole time in the train, comparing the different techniques and the different styles. It is fascinating to see that an art movement can be miss understood by most people. Where my friends or most of the public would see vandalism, I would see art and amazing drawing techniques. Of course there is a lot of vandalism out there, but there is also a lot of incredible artists, who have unbelievable skills and amazing concepts behind their work, like Space Invader. Space Invader is a French artist and he uses ceramic mosaic to create little monsters from the game Space Invader and you can see his work all over the world, from Paris to Moscow, New York to Tokyo. Street life and mostly street art are the biggest influence in my work.