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Rajotte Nelly-Eve

After a first bachelor’s degree in art history, Nelly-Eve Rajotte went for a second in visual and media arts at UQAM, followed by a master’s in 2006. Besides a number of exhibitions in Quebec at the SAT, Fonderie Darling, Parisian Laundry, Occurrence, Clark, and Oeil de Poisson, among several others, her work was shown at several venues in Canada (MUTEK, Antimatter Underground Film Festival, International Festival of Films of Art), as well as in many festivals around the world, International short film festival of Berlin and Official Selection Transmedial Berlin,(Germany), Otherworldly, Manchester UrbanScreens,(UK), EXiS2007,(Corea), Moscow International Film Festival and Finnish Contemporary Art Fair ,Taide08 . Nelly-Eve Rajotte’s images in motion bear witness to a research centered on the concept of duality. Images are generally split or superimposed before melting again into another frame. The artist transforms the images she seizes, reducing them to their formal components, altering them through the modulation of captured lighting, compressing them at times into horizontal bands. A play on form progressively stretches across the surface of the screen, allowing us to follow the modification of the images colligated from reality by the artist. The original motif is at times indistinguishable by the eye, but retained by the memory, which brings us to the underlying process of metamorphosis. The image’s architecture is thus somewhat visible and the juxtaposed soundtrack follows a similar motion. Sound patches crackle or adopt a sinister tone, tracing a destabilizing perceptive journey and creating an accumulation of impressions. The artist utilizes different translations and succeeds in transporting images from one space to another, a perspective, a self-portrait, a train hall, a city.