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Putra Arya Sukapura

He lives and works in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. He studied Fine Art at Sanggar Ligar Sari ’64 Bandung. His creative works began in 2006 by exploring many mediums; two – dimensional, three-dimensional, objects, mixed media, installation, sculpture and video.
His artworks have been selected and presented in numerous exhibitions: “WRO Media Art Biennale_2015” (Poland), “Es Baluard Museum of Contemporary and Modern Art” (Spain), “Museum of Sculpture Glaskasten” (Germany), “Impakt Festival” (Netherlands), “6th Screengrab International Media Arts Award” (Australia), “CentroCentro Palacio de Cibeles” (Spain), “Gezira Art Center” (Egypt), “Tropen Museum” (Netherlands), “25th Anniversary of International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam” (Netherlands), “Forum Eugenio de Almeida” (Portugal), “International Video and Media Arts” (Finland), “Torrance Art Museum” (U.S), “European Media Art Festival” (Germany), “Video library: Haus der Kulturen der Welt” (Germany), “Contrast Gallery & La Casa Elizalde” (Spain), “Vivid Ideas: Museum of Contemporary Art” Sydney (Australia), “Center for Contemporary Art” (Ukraine), “Jia Pingwa Cultural Museum of Art” (China).