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Pregl Andrea

Andrea Pregl followed a personal artistic path that lead her through South East Asia and India for long time. This trips had deeply influenced her artistic language and the main themes that she usually deals with, because staying away from the society where you came from for a long period, and deeply living in a society that’s completely different from your own, gives you the possibility to clean your eyes from visual vices that you don’t know to have and that are inculcated in you growingin a particular cultural fabric. So she started to notice all the stranges taint, fears and paranoias of our society, that frantic research of a kind of truth. But all these don`t become, as happens in that society that with arrogance we define primitives, an inner research of balance, an armonich way to live on this world, in our society all this flow into absurds consumer logics. Our society looks for answers in the last model of mobile phone, in the most fashionable pair of shoes because this is with said to us our western Guru, our mystic holy man, the Television. It;s from the television where our answers came and from there that we take our action. The big shopping malls are the new temples of our society, no more place in which to buy necessaries, but holders of patinated dreams, packed happiness, answer in cans. Is by following this thoughts that my works was born, as a kind of answer for a society in total chaos, but these aren`t good answers, often are absurd, breezy, sometimes cruel, with instructions that explain to you why and how to do all things that we do every day, analyzing the real emotion of human beings forced to live in a society that is not more made for humans.