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Ponce Osvaldo

I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I’m fluent in English, and I have a basic level of Portuguese for work. I am Cameraman from 1990, and Cinematographer from 1997. I have experience with many kind of cameras including shooting HD video with Digital Reflex Cameras. You can see my pictures with them. I used to work in low budget films if the project interested me. I like very much to be the Director of Photography and the cameraman in every project. You will see that my hand held camera work is very powerful. I like to travel and work with exciting people in inspiring places, I have experience shooting in different countries with foreign crews. I have an extensive knowledge of the cinematography craft, after working with many directors. I believe that our art is a collaborative profession, where we have to be very open all the time to hear what others have to say, to see what others want to show, to understand what others want to teach us, and to give everything we want to share with our creative partners. I am very dedicated, and very focus on delivering a professional product, working from prep to post.