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Pixel In Fact / Carlos Alias

His creative worries have brought him through an open artistic education. He has graduated in art, sculpture and interior design. Having always been very interested in growing up and learn he arrived to video in 2002. Since 2005, he sings his works under the pseudonym Pixel in Fact, being the complement with his “real time live visual sets” of several musicians and djs. His visuals have been seen in Rome, Portugal, Bilbao, Barcelona and Madrid. He has been invited to Live Performers Meeting 08, Erotic Film Festival of Barcelona, Fever Bilbao, Yasta Club, But Madrid, KGB, Mundo Canibal. His work took place in Civic Centers and Galleries of Barcelona, also in a long list of shows. Visual activist and conscience agitator, always elegant, even sensual and erotic his projections are every time carrying conceptual message and irony, looking for communication between issuer and receptor. Actually focus in the realization of different video creations. He is part of the catalan video gallery productions ob-art.