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Mpousmpouras Agelos

Substant is interested in music and video art and his goal is to create an interrelated artistic style:One that uses both sound and visual elements to create a gestalt: a functional whole. He is also a member in the industrial/Avant garde band Abstruse ( that combines different art forms such as still photography, music, video art and aleatoric art. In his first project ,called Neuronal Forest ,the music is from Abstruse and some samples are from digital artwork of the artist Veiler also a member of the band Abstruse. In the second one called :Time Abandon Dream ,Music and videos are all from Substant. Some influences from Surrealism,psychedelic art and mystery films do exist but they are not an end in itself. Moreover the director Philip Boiramis will use music of Abstruse into a new work of his.