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Mock Sarah


since 2005                   studies at the Academy of Fine Arts, Mainz

since 2007                   New media class at Prof. Dieter Kiessling

2010-2011                   studies at the Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Fine Arts, Brno, Czech Republic, Erasmus- scholarship


2010                               student award for fine arts, Rheinland- Pfalz Bank

group exhibitions (sample)

2011                               Kunststudentinnen und Kunststudenten stellen aus, ehibition hall of the

Federal Republic of Germany, Bonn, Germany

exhibition of Dieter Kiessling’s class, Caos Art Gallery, Venice, Italy

2010                               fail better 2.2., exhibition hall, Mainz, Germany (K)

European Media Art Festival, Osnabrück, Germany (K)

frames from the edge, Galerie Marion Scharmann, Cologne, Germany

2009                               full house, Satellit- a room for young artists!, Galerie Anita Beckers, Frankfurt/ Main, Germany

Hochschulscreening, videoscreening in the context of Videonale, Bonn, Germany

2008                               Nachtwache, Academy of Fine Arts, Mainz, Germany

2007                               Pishmo, Pengland, Mainz

„Verrückt“- aber wohin?, Pengland, Mainz, Germany