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Middleton Mia

Mia Middleton is an emerging artist based in Sydney, Australia. Working across photography, installation, video, and digital imaging, her practice characteristically subverts notions of uniformity and artificiality by staging and disrupting decorative objects and materials. In her work elemental matter, ornamental forms and simulated visuals combine to probe the relationship between perfection and fabrication. Her latest projects are styled in such a way as to exaggerate their materiality and simultaneously their dissimulation, proposing a polished perspective and otherworldly escape that suggests the line between the natural and automated is becoming less distinct. Mia completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons) in photo-media at UNSW Art and Design in 2013. Her work has been exhibited at various galleries across Sydney including M Contemporary Gallery, Kudos Gallery, 107 Projects, and In 2011 she was the joint recipient of the Canson Photography Prize. She has produced commissioned work for private individuals, corporate businesses and public events and has been featured in multiple publications both in Australia and abroad.