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Matsumoto Sachi

Soichi Matsumoto is a visual artist/VJ/editor based in London. Upon completing a MA Digital Moving Image course at London Metropolitan University in 2001, he established a VJ collective, quadroptica with several friends and started to perform at many events ranging from art exhibition to clubs. He has since performed internationally from UK to all across Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Dubai, with variety of artists such as Lady Miss Kier (DeeLite), Advent, Stewart Walker, Infected Mushrooms, Hallucinogen, Senor Coconuts, and most notably, Talvin Singh, who spotted his VJ performance back in 2004 and has subsequently offered to be his visual artist/VJ. He has produced three music video for a dance music label, frolic production on their “VisionOne” compilation. Outside the visual art/VJ scene, he is a freelance editor and a motion designer for clients like Mitsubishi, General Motors, Emirates, Eurostar, and Natural History Museum to name a few. His recent project includes, multimedia recital of child prodigy pianist, Syuzanna, Talvin SinghÂ’s tabtek and tablatronic along with his solo project, and plateau, an audio/visual band with Oskar Vizan (Tabtek/Wazan).