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Markatos Grigoris & Pavlidou Anna

My name is Grigoris Markatos. I have been born in 1985, in Athens. I study in the department of “fine arts and art sciences” in the university of Ioannina, I`m in the last course of my studies. I live and work in Ioannina. I have participated in: in April of 2005, in the Simposium of sculpture, in Ioannina, organised by the department of fine arts of Athens, and the “fine arts of Brerra”, of Milan, with the video “demolition”. In August of 2006 in the workshop “real present” in Beograd, Yogoslavia, with the performance ” space, Ange and me”. In December of 2006, in the workshop ” representation and spectator”, organised by the department of “fine arts and art sciences” , with the performance “Huged”, realised in the city. In September of 2007, in the festival ” action field: Kodra 2007″ realising the performance “for an hour”, in the opening of the exhibition.