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Lloret Javier

Javier Lloret [ES] is interested in the intersection between art and audiovisual media. With a background in interactive media, his current line of work encompasses artistic photography and video. His work, either through staged situations or recontextualized found footage, often explores social conventions of behavior in contrast with individuality. His video pieces, with an emphasis on the mise-en-scène, make use of an attenuated tempo and flow, using but also breaking the conventions of cinema.

His work has been exhibited at media art festivals and exhibitions like Ars Electronica Festval (Linz), Enter 5 Biennale (Prague), Media Facades Festival Europe (Berlin and Madrid), TENT (Rotterdam), Worm (Rotterdam), Madatac (Madrid), Simultan Festival (Timisoara), ACE creative showcase (Lisbon), Node 08 festival (Frankfurt), Robot festival (Bologna), Tweak festival (Limerick), Santraistambul (Istambul) and Medialab-Prado (Madrid).