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Kuflex (Russia) is a laboratory of interactive art where audio and visual experiments are held. We are trying to combine interactive technologies with the concept of generative art. Kuflex was created in 2013 by video artist Igor Tatarnikov (a.k.a. Sodazot), programmer Denis Perevalov and curator Ksenia Lyashenko. We do not strive to reflect the political and social reality and the contexts of their media interpretations. We are more interested in leaving reality behind and moving into the digital dimension. We create a space where every spectator can get an insight in an active way. Interactivity is an interaction, implication and personal experience. It is our perception of contemporary art. As a laboratory, we are open to collaboration and innovative experiments. We are inspired to live in time of interdisciplinary practices. When one art object can combine attainments in mathematics, physics, optics, programming, electrical engineering and also music, arts and dancing. That is the reason why we are especially interested in creating projects with a team of experts in different professional fields. Kuflex is a participant of multidimensional festivals of digital art and exhibitions, where the projects integrate science, technologies and art.