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Karidakiss George & Ouzo The Band

Karidakiss Georgios Composer and Contemporary/Visual art Designer He was born in Athens, Greece in 1966 and he is still alive. He has Studied Harmony, Kontrapunkt, Fuge, And got his diploma in Classical Composition in 2004 He is studing a new style that he invented, “The Polytonal” He began making Contemporary & Visual Arts in 1987 with works like, Ancient Skyscrapers 1987 The Trip 1990 (Photographs) House Lighting 1992 Aquarium 1994 (not done yet) Dive 1996 God’s Garden 1998 (Music – Slide Show) Gustoso (cafe bar)1999 Computeria 2000(work for 40 PC units) Νostalgia 2002 ( Video art ) Ha ha ha ha 2002- 2004 ( Video art ) The Best Way 2005 (Video art for bac 05) Athens Gangs 2006 (video art) etc. His work is always embraced by his own Μusical Compositions. He doesn’t like CV’s, and prefers the hyperaudience or hyperviewers that Listen, See and Feel his work, from those that read his life.