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Karafiát Pavel

Digital designer and developer who also works in the field of media art. Based in Prague, Czech Republic. With a background in engineering and philosophy, he is trying to fill the gap between computation, interaction and aesthetic. Multidisciplinarity and “antidisciplinarity” are for him important principles. For several years, he has been mainly working with the creative-development platform vvvv in order to create real-time 3d graphics, projected light, interactive installations and software prototypes. He is also part of the Lunchmeat label, one of the visuals group in Czech Republic. He collaborates with other artists on interactive installations and performances. He has participated in projects exhibited in many festivals or events, like: Oddstream – Nijmegen, File – São Paulo, Patchlab – Krakow, Insanitus – Kaunas, Enter – Prague, Soundczech – Bucharest.