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Kamoulakos Theodoros

Kamoulakos Theodoros. (1976). Born in Athens. He has been working in the domain of Photography with analog cameras since 2001, and lately with digital cameras. He has photographed flamenco lessons of Maria Serrano in 2006. Photographic visualization of the prologue of the theatrical play “Amethistos and Opali” (photography and manipulations on photoshop). He also made the visual media of the play. He is a member of the theatrical group “Fygokedros”. He has photographed the band Giala and made the cover of their CD. In 2009 he participated in a group exhibition at the Rubicon Bar. He works with pens, pencils, oils and acrylics. For the last few years he has been painting for private companies and practicing since he is self-taught. He has a degree in graphic designing from the 4th Technical Professional High school of Athens. As a Graphic designer he has worked with printing and silk printing.