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Kakavas Alexandros

Writer/Producer/Director. Member of the European Film Academy. President of the Scriptwriters Guild of Greece. Member of the Board of Directors of SADA and of AIDAA. Elected representative of the Greek Directors Guild in FERA. Member of SAPOE (Independent Producers), INCD and “micro”(Short Film Directors). Writer of long feature films of which “End of an Era” won him the Original Screenplay Award in the 35th Thessaloniki Festival and the State Award in 1995. Also “Wind over the City”, “Stream”, “The Secret of November”, “Say you love me” “Arduous & Hazards Tasks” etc. and writer/producer/director of the shorts “The Promise” (Mention of Merit at the 2005 State Awards. IntÂ’al Film Festivals of Montpellier, Tehran, DaKino, Olympia) “The Doll” (Direction Prize at the 2004 Athens Fantastic Film Festival, Int’al Film Festivals of Taormina, Voladero, Foyle, DaKino, Bioreykjavik, Transilvanian FFF, Arlon) “Cross” (Ifct, NY & Tiburon, CA, USA, Aarau, Asolo & Buku where he received a Mention of Merit ) Writer of mystery TV series “The Red Circle” which won the audience award for best drama series in the 2001 Greek TV Awards. He has also written documentaries and plays as Mary’s Choice which was staged in Teatro Technis, London.