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Hudson Gareth

I try to disseminate the cultural implications of both old and emerging technologies. I often push the importance of “the medium is the message”. I enjoy hinting at the macro through using the more empathetic, intimate intricacies of the micro. Most importantly; I want to create palpable experiences for people. Upon graduation my work was generally concerned with reconstructing electrical components to deliver video pieces or soundscapes. I moved to Mexico in 2006 and became fascinated with their conservation and restoration of old and new technologies. Although based on necessity; their recycling of components, hardware and parts has a distinct sense of preservation, a direct contrast to my emphasis on presentation. When I returned in 2008 my work had taken on a more global slant after researching the cultural and political differences of a developing third world country. Having produced several more video works my work lends itself more to ideas of dystopia; of environmental crisis and its possible preservation through technology.