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Harvey Samantha

Samantha Harvey is currently studying MA Photography at Central Saint Martins. Influenced by Geert Lovink and Florian Schnieder’s idea of a ‘Virtual World’ and how to radicalise the rules of access, Samantha seeks to explore how shared capacities and decision-making could potentially create alternative social spaces. Not just within a digital space in which the work already occupies, such as a video uploaded onto Vimeo, but taking ideas that exist in the virtual and using those concepts to bleed into a physical space. Samantha seeks to investigate the potential of open access, by welcoming rather than restricting access, and seeing what environment this can create, and hopes to seek out alternative contexts for the work to occupy. Samantha has exhibited internationally, continuing to explore the dialogue between the virtual and physical environment. Recent exhibitions and screenings include REFUGEE! at North East Hill University, Shillong, India, None Of The Above: An Exhibition, La Casa Amarilla, Málaga, Spain, THE BIG SPACE: Collective exhibition, Central Saint Martins, London.