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Gonsalves Tina

Gonsalves’ creative investigation integrates Art, Science and Technology to create embodied interactive audiovisual experiences, discovering new ways of experiencing the internal body and the external environments, using painting, animation and interactivity to explore complex emotional landscapes. The theme; ‘externalising the internal – revealing what lay beneath the skin’, has threaded Gonsalves’ artistic investigations. From 1995 to 2001, Gonsalves worked with diagnostic imaging departments of hospitals within Australia, gaining access to diagnostic imaging machines and resulting imagery. Her work evolved over this period from interpretative representations of the body using diagnostic imaging to exploring complex emotional landscapes using moving imagery and sound. In 2002, Gonsalves pursued research to explore how her artwork could probe the audience’s emotional body. She investigated the use of bio-metric sensors as triggers for emotional video narratives, leading to both more immersive installations, as well as intimate ubiquitous works. Gonsalves’ work in mobile and wearable technology investigates ways of using these technologies to creating new, more empathic social interactions. Her projects often attempt to disrupt codes of social behaviours, with an agenda to create more intimate and ‘authentic’ communication between each other (“Medulla Intimata” 2004; collaborator Tom Donsaldson, “Tryst” 2006/2007).In 2007 Gonsalves lead international workshops for Nokia Design, Helsinki at VIU University, Venice.