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Genovese Nicola

I work with different media (video,sculpture and drawing).My first drawings were colourful surrealistic illustrations on paper. After I began to add objects, always with the aim of narrating a story. Lately, I’m trying to purify sculptures and drawings, removing unnecessary colors and elements. I’m tryng to sublimate the concepts by avoiding the use of too explicit elements in my works. I have developed a good knowledge of ceramic sculpture, video animation and illustrative drawing. However, I like using already made objects and transforming them. My works are narrative but they don’t want to be a simple social criticism. I don’t want to send some message… I don’t use my artworks as means to a better world..I only want to talk about the reality I see around me. My poesy is about the limits of human beings, the way people deal daily with the idea of death, denial of nature and relationship with food. I like to investigate the dynamics of domestic life but also the relationship with nature.