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Evie Demetriou

Evie Demetriou studied dance at Laban Centre in London and at Limon Institute, NY. She is a scholarship recipient of Danceweb Scholarship Programe 2004.She was the selected artist to represent Cyprus at the Biennale for Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean in 2008. As a performer, she collaborated with many choreographers in Cyprus and abroad and she performed in festivals in Spain, Greece, Austria, Germany, Portugal and the US. In 2004, she forms the dance company En drasi, the umbrella that hosts her chorographic work. Her work can be characterised by numerous collaborations with visual and video artists, DJs, and musicians, while often it is infused by multimedia. Her latest solo work “Nice to see you :)”, a multimedia dance performance, is part of her research on virtual relationships and the lack of contact in today’s society. It has been presented so far in festivals in Cyprus, Sweeden and Kenya.