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Drymonitis, Alexandros & Leone, Alessandra (aikia)

Alexandros Drymonitis is a musician, active in the field of experimental (electronic) music and noise. He has collaborated with artists from various art fields, as well as ensembles, either inter-disciplinary or music ensembles. He is currently a member of the collective Medea Electronique and the audio-visual duo Self Absorption, and also a close collaborator of the ARTéfacts Ensemble.

He has presented his work in various festivals and art venues, like the Black & White Audiovisual Festival (Porto, Portugal), the Athens Video Art Festival, the Linux Audio Conference 2013 (Graz, Austria), the Update Festival at OCC, Athens etc. As a Medea Electronique member, he is a main organiser of the ‘Electric Nights’ Festival.

Alessandra Leone a.k.a. aikia
Video artist producing live visuals, motion graphics, animation and generative art.
As a trained (motion) graphics designer and self taught programmer,highly fascinated by perception, consciousness and reality, she uses abstraction to represent their complexity and , at the intersection of Art and Science, draws the connections between sight, sound, vibrations and physical reality.Her meticulously planned works resound and resonate with images culled from the fantastical realm of imagination, translated into highly contrasted pulses and cuts to reach and hit the visual cortex. Enjoys collaborating on audio-visual projects, having a number of active collaborations with musicians and collectives, and as such has performed at a range of live events, like Geneva Mapping Festival, B-Seite – festival für visuelle Kunst und Jetztkultur in Mannheim and Month of Performance Art Berlin, exploring new solutions for experimental interactivity and immersive environments.With a strong eye for detail and a passion for creating interesting interactive experiences and motion graphics sequences, is freelancing in Berlin, Milan and London, collaborating with different studios as motion graphics animator and editor, as well as carrying on with her personal projects. Is animation teacher and in 2012 she founded together with Akkamiau and Hen Lovely Bird the StratoFyzika performance group.