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Deumier, Sandrine & Lamy, Philippe

Sandrine Deumier is an author, a filmmaker, a performer, a painter and an electroacoustic composer.
With her dual philosophical and artistic training, she constructed a multifaceted poetry focused on the issue of technological change and the performative place of poetry conceived through new technologies. Using material from the word as image and the image as a word vector, she also works at the junction of video and sound poetry considering them as sensitive devices to express a form of unconscious material. The process of writing and the mobile material of the image function as underlying meanings of reflux which refer to the real flickering and to their reality transfers via unconscious thought structures. Her work consists mainly of poetic texts, videopoems, multimedia installations and audiovisual poetic performances in collaboration with composers.

Philippe Lamy is a painter and an electroacoustic composer.
As an artist, he has had many exhibitions in France and various European countries. His works are to be found in public and private collections. Painting for him requires great concentration, and must reveal the patterns needed to understand it. His paintings form series that can be arranged in accordance with the place where they are exhibited.He experiments with colours, materials and textures, while at the same time introducing the parameters of time and gravity. His art involves the building up of strata, layer by layer over long periods of time, until he obtains the desired density. Music and painting resonate together, with the same care given to textures, the same attention to events and with that desire to achieve a certain density. Sounds from all kinds of sources (recordings, voices, instrumental sounds, dialogues) are combined to produce an intense experience of immersion. He has made albums on the labels La p’tite maison, High linear music, Nephogram,Nowaki,DataObscura, Mystery Sea, Taalem, Ripples recordings and has participated in mixes and compilations on the labels Bassesfrequence , Audio Gourmet, Future Sequence and Sismografo Escala.