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Daimi Teymur

Teymur Daimi, artist, filmmaker, philosopher (PH.D) born in Baku, Azerbaijan in 26.01.1966.Graduated from the Azerbaijan State Art College in 1985 and in 1993 from the Azerbaijan State University of Culture. In 2000 defense of dissertation by philosophy, Ph. D. Teymur Daimi has participated in local, regional and national exhibitions in the USSR. His works are housed in private collections in Russia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Israel, Poland, Germany U. S. and Finland. From 1993 he has worked as a teacher in Azerbaijan State Art College. The author of the book entitled “The Find of the Way” and articles on Azerbaijan contemporarily art. Since 2001 he has done activity as a filmmaker.He is doing activity in painting, graphic art, installation, performance art, filmmaking and art theory.