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Cringasu George

George Crîngașu (b.1988, Focșani) lives and works in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. His work ranges from installation to animated gifs, and it is mostly comprised of 2D and 3D compositions build on freely available content found rummaging through various corners of the internet. Re-assembling bits and pieces of data gives him a feel of participating in the sort of entropic nature information seems to rely on: any type of data should be perpetually in motion and perpetually in a state of change. His practice focuses on data de/re-contextualization through one’s own means of appreciations and evaluation. The artist’s work has been exhibited in venues such as: Trafó gallery, Budapest; Art Encounter Biennial, Timișoara, Art Fair Basel, Liste; SABOT, He is the co-founder of the SUPERLIQUIDATO art entity and space, project developing in Cluj-Napoca.