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Chua Wei Lun Brandon, Khoo Siew May, Tan Yin, Sharry Kwan We

Brandon is a 3D Generalist and is inclined in 3D modelling. He aspires to work in game cinematic productions. He enjoys working in a team as different talents coming together can do great things.

Siew May is a non-conformer and an adventurer at heart when it comes to designing for animated films. Her latest work, Umbrella, shows her love in 2d cartoons and her interest in fusing traditional and digital media to create unique looking visuals.

Yin discovers rhythm and fun in her life and in Art. Inclined in traditional medium, she believes that foundation is important in developing other skills and techniques. Interested in animation and painting, she continues learning and venturing in the world of art and motion.

An aspiring animator with keen interest in 3D and visual effects, Sharry looks forward to a brand new learning journey and strives for any opportunities to create unique works of art.