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Castelli Claudio

I finally got my MA degree in Industrial Design last November from politecnico di Milano, and this way my “thesis project”. Before that, I was born in Siena, on March 2nd of 1979, but I always lived in Grosseto until I was 19, where I had a “classical” high school education, studying Latin, ancient Greek, philosophy, French, story, Italian medieval Literature etc. After that, when I was 19, I moved to Milano, to attend “design” at politecnico. After 3 years spent there, I felt I wanted to see more, so, first I did an Erasmus project in TEI of Athens, for 6 months, where I had a wonderful time living in Kolonaki. After that, I went to Kyushi Institute of design, where I stayed one year, enjoying the big cultural difference and starting working for first time in “my field”, as illustrator and video-artist. Being away from Italy, especially when I was in Japan, I realized, maybe for first time in my life, about my “roots”. When I came back to Italy, I took a little time to readapt myself to live in my country; I took time to find a cheap place to stay in Milano and to make the Very Technical exams I still had to do. It was a torture, cause, since I was in Greece, I dedicated myself to painting, sculpting and computer art. After looking for a while, I finally found a professor, Marco Maiocchi that accepted my thesis. Besides that, I made other shorts, recently an abstract video for a promotional installation in “fiera di Milano”, and I have been the director of multimedia photo exposition shouted by Paolo DelPapa. Currently I am really relaxed and unemployed in Grosseto, trying to produce my new short-video art film about Odysseus. I really hope I’ll be able to complete it… it wont be that easy.