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Budor Dora & Cule Maja (Artist Duo)

Dora Budor + Maja Cule are a Croatian-born artist duo that currently works and lives in New York and were recently named in Modern Painters’ “100 Artists to Watch”. Their recent solo exhibitions include MemoryFoam at Spring Break Art Show, New York, Universal Appeal at CEO gallery, Malmo, Sweden, and Substitutes for Present Sense at Performing New Europe, Salzburg, Austria. Recent group shows include Synthetic vertigo: 002 Eye Rubs, Elaine, Switzerland, Its hardly softcore, BKS Garage, Denmark, Next Time, White Box, New York, and Gifpumper Project, New York. D+M`s work challenges viewersÂ’ expectations around the intersecting spheres of art and life, and coming from a design background, is influenced by the methodology and psychology behind the creation of products, advertising, and the feasibility of desires.