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Birkbeck & Duffy

BIRKBECK Manchester based Sound Artist working as a practising artist and educator. My practise shifts between sound, video and film, exchanging processes and methodologies of recording and composition. I realise works for temporal site-specific installation or for single screen. I have undertaken international residencies, where I have composed soundscapes for CD publication and radio broadcast. My works have explored sound as recourse to memory, the body as a whole, and the architecture of the immediate space in order to sculpt the air in negative, providing a boundary for the physical proprieties of sound to resonate, build, and slip away. DUFFY Filmmaker, editor and educator working and living in Manchester, UK. My practice involves video, film and photography, with current process centred around artist moving image based works. Research interests include the investigation of technology relating to modes of motion and a positioning of the subject in a discourse that references art historical notions of romanticism, the sublime and non-place. Previous works have explored cultural automata, architectural space and narrativity. My work has been exhibited nationally and internationally in the context of film and media art festivals as well as gallery spaces.