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Bertero Maria Fernanda

Fernanda Bertero was born in Quito (1992), a city of contrasts, full of concrete but surrounded by natural paradises. When she was fifteen years old, she won a national drawing award. Two years later, she moved to Italy, achieved a B.A. in Visual Arts at Bologna’s Academy of Fine Arts and exhibited her work in more than three collective exhibitions and in a personal one, titled “Artificial Nature” (biosurrealism, painting and sculpture). Upon graduating, she moved to Barcelona, where she achieved a Masters degree in Design and Art direction. Her research grows between the contrasts of man and his naturally artificial identity and is materialized between those same contrasts, from painting to video art, generating customized techniques for each project. Her interest is to capture the mechanisms and forms with which technology transforms us, so that these processes become more conscious to facilitate their reinterpretation. Today she is a multidisciplinary artist at her hometown, where she is working between visual arts, design and her electronical musical project (Biotrash). She is also a finalist for Premio Brasil, an important contemporary award at Ecuador.