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Barret Alex

Alex Barrett is an independent filmmaker whose films collectively have been selected for over 30 international festivals, including such prestigious events as the Edinburgh International Film Festival, Short Cuts Cologne, and the London Short Film Festival. In addition, his work has enjoyed a number of non-festival screenings, including showings at the BFI Southbank and Brixham Theatre. To date, his films have garnered six awards, and his work has been described by the writer and broadcaster Sarfraz Manzoor as “witty and profound”. Work: 2009: Paintbrush: The Epitaph (Co-Writer and Director), 2008: Hungerford: Symphony of a London Bridge (Director), 2008: Paintbrush (Co-Writer and Director), 2008: Canbury (Writer and Director), 2007: Andrew (Writer and Director), 2005: Is This a Question? Is This an Answer? (Co-Writer and Co-Director),2007: Between the Lines (Second Unit Director), 2006: Permanent End (Director), 2005: The Lion`s Head (Co-Writer and Co-Director), 2007: Great & Small (Writer and Director).