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Babin Florence

Florence Babin, video artist visual artist lives and works in Paris. After a course in Fine Arts and Sciences of Art in Paris 1, she strives to present his video works at festivals and in places specifically dedicated to the independent short film and experimental video. After making a work of introspection from the theme of shadows and highlights and have demonstrated the link between the use of fire as a medium in his practice of plastic and the notion of emptiness (Master 1), and it deepens from the myth Icarus, the question of the dialectic “rise / fall” (Master 2). Particularly concerned with contemporary dance, his current research is refocused on two axes: first the body in motion and also mounting the digital images it achieves, seen as choreography. Often led in practice to plastic stage itself, it addresses along with the two main research questioning the notion of “I filmed.” His photographic work echoes the practice of videographer. Both techniques are constantly being linked, both in form and substance, the narrative remains the central theme of his experiments.