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Andrien M & Claire B

Since he was discovered at Jeunes Talents Cirque in 2004 with his Convergence 1.0 project, multidisciplinary artist, computer scientist and juggler Adrien Mondot creates stage performances based on responsive interactions between digital art forms, juggling, dance and music. In June 2009, he received the Grand Jury Prize for Cinématique at the Dance and New Technologies international competition of the Bains Numériques Festival (Enghien-les-Bains).

In 2010, he meets visual artist, graphic designer and scenographer Claire Bardainne. Graduate from the Estienne and Paris Arts Déco schools, her approach focuses on the imaginary realms conveyed by pictures and graphics, especially in their space-constructive capacity. She works at the BW Studio she co-founds in 2004, and with the research teams in sociology of the imaginary of the Ceaq (Sorbonne, Paris).

After joining forces on a shared creative vision in 2011, they restructure their company as Adrien M & Claire B. Transcending the spatial boundaries of stage and the time limits of performance is pivotal to this transformation.