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Aleksiadis Mpampis

My name is Babis Alexiadis and I was born in Olympiada of Halkidiki, northern Greece. In the last 6 years I have been living in the UK. During that period I studied graphic design, illustration and animation and worked as a free lancer in the field. My first short film was created in the context of my post-graduate project and the second was financed by a cultural organization. Currently, among other things I am involved with the artistic direction of a graphic novel in the context of a social rehabilitation program for adolescents who have broken the law. Also I am involved in two projects on a part time basis with Creative Partnerships, where I work as a visiting artist in schools, providing assistance and artistic direction to a variety of student projects. At the same time I am in the middle of the pre-production of my fourth animation movie. The central element of my work is to communicate my thoughts through a storytelling procedure and to involve the “making process” as a crucial part of the project, which becomes apparent by documenting the shift between working in my studio and working with the public.