Burn Sean

United Kingdom

Sean Burn is a writer, performer and outsider artist with a growing international reputation who is also actively involved in disability arts. He is currently outside in artist in residence with the new art gallery walsall/disability arts shropshire. his twenty short films have received many screenings worldwide, as well as at tate modern and national film theatre studios, london. he has had three cd?s of his work released, most recently speaksong (with gareth mitchell, musician). skrev press ( have just launched a third full-length collection of his writing ? wings are giving out ? (isbn 978-1-904646-56-3).


200700:04:10Video Art
A soundmap of budapest in text/visuals/sound. !sz is a re-examining of the 'noise' that we are surrounded by & increasingly bombarded with. i have used cut-ups to remix /mash-up the streets into something scratched, grainy, credible - it is part of an ongoing reclamation of languages (visual/textual/sonic), of the streets, of vernacular. we are surrounded, often defined by languages, yet we use it to free ourselves. powers that be cant pin it down ? language lives. remix / mash up / create / recreate yr own.

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