Amadori Mattia


OLO and Omar Dodaro together to produce video artworks since 2006. Together they realized "intimita violata" ("broken intimacy") and "ad tensa", two artworks composing a triptych that will be completed in 2009 with the realization of a third artwork. OLO experiments with techniques and audiovisual representations through the creative synergy of three communication designers, Mattia Amadori, Andrea Corti and Max de Ponti. Omar Dodaro is exploring different fields in music, from artistic direction, to theatre, from contemporary music, to multimedia production, both electronic and audiovisual.

Broken Intimacy

200900:02:24Video Art
The title "intimita violata" ("broken intimacy") well expresses this long take sequence & tape meaning. The work represents the frenzy of a schizophrenic society, passionless, merged by loneliness and in communication. The main performer takes off her mask, climbs existence and engages a purification path, coming back to her childhood, through a striking iter, in which the art of music and dance assumes a cathartic role. The girl tries, in vain, to involve them in her new journey of light, but she finds herself alone, resigned and looking for the initial position. The tale begins again in a cyclic way, in the same toilet that represents everything: public but also private place, emblem of an intimacy which is a prideful meeting point and sublime nostalgia, "self"'s dwelling and its own ruin.

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