QNQ/AUJIK was initiated in 2001 by contemporary artist Stefan Larsson, born in Soderhamn, Sweden, lives and works in Otsu, Japan. MFA at Umea Academy of Fine Arts. Sweden. Working with CGI-video, motion graphic, installations, photos, paintings, clothes and music. Concept of the work(in very short terms) is how AI(artificial intelligence) transcends with the human mind in aspects such as emotions, consciousness, gender and perceptions, as well as the balance and distinction between nature and technology. His work has been described as the Moomin's approach to the technological singularity. Received an honorary mention award(computer animation/vfx/film) at Prix Ars Electronica 2011. Also been featured at onedotzero adventures in motion 2010&2011, Japan media arts Festival 2010, Ars Electronica animation festival 2011. STRP-festival 2010, CologneOFF 2011, CMoDA: creative future. Bejing 2011, Oslo Screen Festival 2012, Oberhausen 58th int. Festival 2012 and more. Had solo exhibitions at galleries in Kyoto, Osaka and Tokyo as well as several group exhibitions.

A forest within a forest

201200:05:09Video Art
A guide named Nashi narrates the audience journey in an uncanny forest. What are the creatures that live there, living beings or robots? Nashi states that everything is animated, and that even the things we consider synthetic and artificial are as sacred as plants and stones. She criticizes nature for its inability to develop and praises technology for its flexibility and proclaims that nature should adapt to technology in order to survive.

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