Leotta Mariano


Artereazione is a network of research and production of multimedia, multidisciplinary art projects. An independent laboratory, open, wondering, in becoming. It operates on the axis Catania, Bologna, Berlin involving artists and designers from all over Europe. Often investigating and raising awareness about the critical psycho-social issues of the contemporary. Other times they let themselves get captured by aesthetic charm. And they enjoy it.


201100:20:00Performance Art
In the beginning, there was light, white light. Energy. Then the universe evolved as a thick net of energy microwaves. Their constant, coordinated movement produces even now a cosmic symphony. The elektro-kokon is the first energy concentration, the matter confronting for the first time with the invisible antimatter. A camera is mapping the carpet from above. VVVV is used to track the black color and connect it to sound and video, so that: the more the blacks in the frame, the more the frequency (sin, delay) and pixel (spins, vibes) variations. The performer is producing transformation with his body, with the position, the exposition, the speed of his body. The dancer is "playing" his own music to dance and manipulating the video environment around him.

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