Laourda Elia


Birth Date: 18/8/83 Studies: Graphic Design, web design, 3d animation Work experience: 2005 until now, working as a graphic designer in various publishing houses and advertising companies Exhibitions - Participations:"Urban Fairytale" Personal exhibition of graphic design & photography: 24 posters Don't Panic Athens: winning poster for the poster competition Video Art Festival Miden: 10 entries Category: Digital Image Athens Digital Week 09: 8 entries Category: Visual Art 2nd Jazz Meeting Kostas Kouvidis: 1 poster

Another moment is another eternity

201100:00:00Digital Image
50x40 cm. This image is inspired by dreams. Dreams are creations of our fantasy, that way we can travel everywhere we want. Even in space, planets far away and stars. This image is a result of such a dream. I did some experiments by scanning actual materials with digital illustrations and elements.The digital editing and processing of those elements led me to this composition.

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