Green Ilan


Ilan Green, also known as GREEN, is a well-known Musician in Israel. Having been more than 20 years in the field, Green was involved in many projects and events, from being a member in a leading rock-band (The Tractor Revenge) for 15 years, through his solo albums, to taking part in a wide variety of art-forms like Performance events, Video Art, Theater live music, music for Ballet etc. Green is also working in the Sound-Art field, creating sound installations, as well as Audio-Video works. Another field is Instruments designing and building. From acoustic inventions to electronic manipulations, made of beautiful woods or pieces of found junk, from well-tuning systems to a total noisy audio experiments, Green designs, builds and uses his own instruments in many of his projects. For the last 10 years Green has entered the world of education, first as a teacher, and since 2003 he founded and runs the New Music department at the Musrara School in Jerusalem.

1/4 KiloTube

201100:04:16Video Art
Audio-Video work, presenting 256 video clips taken from Each clip speaks in a different language, and they are all speaking together. The aim of the work is to imitate the "info flood" we live in, these days. The work lasts 256 seconds, which are 4:16 minutes, so you have 1 second per clip. The number 256 was selected because it is exactly a quarter of an KiloByte which is 1,024 byte, so the "Tube" (the video clip) becomes our smallest unit for info.

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