Equizzi Mariano


Mariano Equizzi is an Italian digital artist and filmmaker active in Italy and Bulgaria. Former student of the National Cinema School of Rome. He is devoted to the exploration of New Media and provocative approach in storytelling and speculative fiction. From the fall of the ’80ies he scans and creates multimedia works related to publishing, cinema and to crossroad in which the media can disrupt each other offering to the User/Viewer a new landscape of action. For his work “Komplex,28” he achieved the honorable mention of the jury at the 2014 Filmteractive Festival Lodz, PL. He implanted all over the world these Augmented Reality experiences based on the psychogeographic exploration of the urban space: Pesaro, Athens, Perugia, L’Aquila, Albuquerque, Columbia, Milan, Sofia.

U.A.U. unitary applied urbanism

he U.A.U. workshop has the aim to recode the augmented reality as a tool for urban communication and cultural subversion. The workshop pulls the augmented reality out from the marketing silly gimmicks and it re-tunes that technology as an instrument for the appropriation of the city space, of the skyline of the city. The workshop wants to twist the opinion of the participants towards augmented reality and delivery to them the power to do with AR what they want in the places where graffitism is prohibited.

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