Darilli Marilia


Marilia Ntarilli (born. 1994) was born in Thessaloniki and studied at the Fine Arts School of the University of Ioannina in the direction of Fine Arts and Modern Media. She has worked as a professional photographer and graphic design since the age of 18 and the last two years she has been experimenting on visual arts. Her artistic practice includes image processing aiming the decomposition of forms and characteristics (glitch art), creating new fictitious cosmic landscapes and the translation of material works of art in futuristic holograms. Inspired by the outer space, cosmic patterns, the minimalist aesthetics and postmodern style, she designs visual graphics, vaporwave-internet art and 3d animations with text or phrases that express human thoughts in modern times and concerns about art and its role in the future.


201700:00:00Digital Image
The project was created on January of 2017 and it consists of three artistic posters of digital processing. It's a translation of all those we are used to perceive as art, in holograms, in three-dimensional worlds, screens, unfamiliar images to everyone's eyes. It expresses the transition of the artistic work from its physical - material existence to the digital, one-dimensional imaging. In a distant or near future, everything seems to be confused. The eternal forms of classical art are decomposed into pixels, in digital algorithms and in geometric maps by entering a new artistic field in spacetime of postmodern art and by transforming sculpture into graphic design.

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