Hyeongsuk Kim

South Korea

*1983 in Naju South Korea, lives in Mainz, Germany Education: 2017-2018 Meisterschu?ler, by Vert. Prof. John Skoog, School of Art Mainz, DE - 2011-2017 Diploma in Media Art by Prof. Dieter Kiessling, School of Art Mainz, DE 2002-2006 BFA in Painting, Chosen University, KOR Grant/Prize: 2016 Film- und Mediennachwuchsfo?rderung in Rheinland-Pfalz, DE 2016 First Prize, Rathaus Gru?nstadt, Kunst am Bau in Reinland- Pfalz, DE Film Festivals l Screening (selected) 2017 “Sempervivum tectorum” nominated for Best Documentary Short_MMP’s Quarterly Online Short Film Festival, BE “A fundamental principle”_Shorlisted_Loop Discover Award, SP “Sempervivum tectorum”_nominated for Best Documentary Short_Barcelona Planet Film Festival, SP “Sempervivum tectorum”_O cial Selection_ Martinique International Film Festival 2016 “The Stranger”_Der Ku?rzeste Tag der Kurz lmtag, Art School Mainz, DE Group Show (selected) 2017 “A fundamental principle”_#PostFuture Journey_Athens Digital Arts Festival (ADAF), GE 2016 “sempervivum_»2000 Jahre und 1 Nacht», Romano- Germanic Central Museum, Mainz, DE “Hydroculture”_”This is a journey to...», Caos Gallery, Venice, IT “Polygon in Space, Cube in Space”_»Spuren von Außerirdischen in Afrika und Europa”, Kaiser & Cream, Wiesbaden, DE “Polygon in Space”_»The Glimpse” Luminale at Historic Museum Frankfurt, DE

A fundamental Principle

201700:09:55Video Art
«Sempervivum» is an artistic research project with a scientific background, focused on the golden ratio in nature according to the Fibonacci number, that resulted in a series of five artworks in three chapters. The title “Sempervivum” is named after the plants, since the outset of the project was these specific plants. Writing the scientific name without italics helps to separate this work as art rather than science. This work consists of three chapters. “A fundamental principle” is a three channel documentary video installation. This part of the work shows the body, following chapter from the first one to the second. The film starts with a girl, reading a book in a library as an introduction. She guides the viewer into the whole story as we peak over her shoulder to get an idea where the journey will take us. The scenes of the journey is as follows: Beginning with the desert, to the mountains, to the tropics, to the salt lake, then a seashell at the natural history department of Landes Museum Wiesbaden, just to name a few of the locations.. Each of the scenes gives a broad hint at all the guidelines which makes an indirect allusion to Fibonacci number in accordance with the golden ratio. The film made is shot on different locations in Germany, France, Italy and Iran.

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