Voyiatzis Nikos


Nikos Voyiatzis’ work explores information organisation in its political and aesthetic dimensions, particularly in the networked context. He has a background on Library Science and Information Systems and has been working as an art librarian, information literacy instructor and workshop designer.

3D Pop in the the Browser

In a path from analog computer digital and from there to the network, audiovisual arts transformed; from John Whitney in the 1950s and Lillian Schwartz in 1970s to the current self-taught animators. Based on this evolution participants plan web audiovisual experimentations, based on online tools made by the community of Internet artists. They will collaborate piece of Image with interactive three-dimensional graphics in Javascript and the piece sound mixing together various pop sounds of their choice. At the end, explore possibilities of Tumblr platform to publication, violating the basic operation of the instrument.

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