Csaba Lang Popesz


Popesz Csaba LŠng is one of the founding members of Elektro Moon Vision Ė a Polish-Hungarian duet of visual artists back since 2004. They design unique visual live-acts, wide-format projections, mappings, av performances, interactive video-installations and projections for theatre shows. In their works own patches, mathematic algorithms and technological solutions are often used. The duet is regularly invited to participate in international events presenting new media art.

Use your face as an interface

Human face became one of the most often used objects being in the constant recognition and even tracking mode by the computers today. Tracking face means detection and possibly recognition, over time.Machine, when tracking face recognizes that itís a face and follows its movement interpreting it on the way of emotions recognition. Why not to reverse the roles? If machines can control our faces, letís control the machine by your face!Using the visual programming language for creating multimedia works Ė Pure Data (Pd) you will get familiar with the graphical programming with a result of controlling video playback literally with movement of you face.

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