Cole Jennie

United Kingdom

Jennie Cole is a poet and artist who lives and works in London, UK. Her practice encompasses film and video, performance, and artist's books. Her work has recently featured in the online journals Otoliths, Small Po[r]tions, and E.ratio, and has been performed and exhibited internationally at places/events including Gray Area, POLYply, MCBA Book Arts Biennial, Exploding Cinema, ArtLacuna Film Festival, Caesura Gallery, Literary Kitchen Festival, Magic Lantern Cinema, Amid the Ruins, and Whitebox Art Center.

a device of special type

201600:03:32Video Art
a device of special type' investigates encounters with text in electronic media, in response to Donna Haraway’s assertion that writing is ‘pre-eminently the technology of cyborgs’. Exploring ideas of transhumanist possibility alongside the manipulations of identity suggested by the internet’s corporate ‘like’, the language in this video is page-based, screen-based, illuminated and infiltrated by symbols & logos.

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