De Boer Anne


Anne de Boer is a London based artist, working under conditions framed by digital and online media. Elements that seem central to de Boer’s practice are being presented to algorithms, shuffle functions, randomizers or other coded structures. By submitting its own material to these decisive factors, the work gets continuously rearranged according to these ever changing algorithmic paths. His work has been presented at The Wrong – The New Digital Art Biennale, FILE 2015 in São Paulo, Lynch Bytes online Platform and the Jupiter Woods in London.

Crowd Sourced Intelligence Agency

201600:04:45Web Art
The 'Crowd-Sourced Intelligence Agency' (CSIA) is an online application and interactive artwork that addresses the overabundance of information currently being produced by social media posts and monitored by intelligence analysts. The “collect it all” approach of these intelligence agencies has created a need for automated processing, assuming that software will find patterns imperceptible to human analysts. Computers running machine-learning algorithms can automate judgment, labeling tens of thousands of posts per second. But if there are problems with the way an algorithm is trained, mistakes will be replicated. If human agents are not trained to properly analyze social media posts for threats to national security, how could an algorithm possibly perform any better?

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