Flury Adrian


Adrian Flury was born in 1978 in Zug, Switzerland. He started out in an apprenticeship as an electrician, after which he studied animation at the Lucerne University of Arts. Now living in Bern as independent filmmaker, he has been working in the field of moving images since 2005 and made excursions in several directions as live action, stop-motion and more experimental kinds of film production.

A place Iíve never been

201600:00:00Installation Art
By sourcing multiple digital images of the same place from different archives this experiment in film makes use of frame by frame montage to discover hidden forms, patterns and references thereby giving new meaning to the prevailing redundancy of these pictures. Because of the common practice of everyone who photographs this iconic place, it was possible to manipulate the geography of the space in all sorts of ways. The visual attributes such as resolution, sharpness, colour saturation and tonal values differ in each image, but when run together at the rate of 24 frames per second, they form one consistent constant impression.

The Athens Digital Arts Festival archive has been developed by Antonis Lianos