Abbate Gianluca


Gianluca Abbate graduated from the Centro sperimentale di cinematografia in Rome in 2003. As a multidisciplinary artist, he curated in 2008 the graphic and audio identity of the television channel for MTV; in 2011, he taught a class at Milanís film school (the Scuola civica di cinema di Milano) on new technologies in cinema and television, focusing on video installations and video mapping.


201500:07:00Video Art
A city stretching across an infinite global space: a modern progression of the concept of polis (city), with no uninhabited areas or frontiers where you seek refuge. This landscape, where there is no way to be readmitted into society once you have been excluded from it, reawakens imaginary worlds in search for equilibrium. Panorama is the first chapter of a trilogy on the concept of conurbation. I got the idea for Panorama while I was on a train looking at the urban scenery pass me by. The inspiration for the images in the film came from the forced paths taken by trams and buses, de facto dolly tracks across the city. I used cuts from amateur footage found online, elaborating on and adapting them with computer graphics techniques, creating a phantasmagoric landscape of a dystopian city that already exists. The man's living in this place, the complicated life conditions, and the environment's influence are so strong they cover up the voice of nature.

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